Soaring the Valley

Welcome, you are visiting Temecula Valley in So. California U.S.A.

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These are SECRET locations,  kept  by all of us...

Paul flying high
87 kb
Chris C. attempting the landing
29 kb
Don just launched
167 kb
Paul and wishful thinking
162 kb  11/1

(95 kb)

Divine Moment
(88 kb)
Paul disappointed
Prayer Answered
(81 kb)
Chris C, Joey & Don, Chris B
(60 kb)
Don on a low pass
159 kb
Don landing
41 kb
Don showing off
157 kb 
Hi I'm Owen, great way to spend a Saturday
172 kb 
Fine Tuning Details
165 kb
Eventually Owen Climbs up over 2000 feet!
160 kb
When Mother Nature Fails (Use Gas)
177 kb 
Don's big money plane
171 kb 

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