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Welcome, you are visiting Temecula Valley in So. California U.S.A.

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CHARLIE SNELLER   of   Fallbrook, CA

It is a blessing for me to continue sharing my music with you. I have included a link for you to play and stream my music: 10.02.10

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Charlie Sneller's music won the "Just Plain Folks 1st Place Award" in the Holiday Album Category for 2001.

A gifted pianist, he shares examples of the music in his albums. 

Relaxing orchestrated and solo piano instrumentals created to relax and inspire the listener. He has a style very similar to George Winston that will help you drift away as you listen to melodic, contemporary versions of familiar Holiday and Christmas Tunes.

Professor Phineas T. Pennypickle, Ph.D

Ahhh, the Professor. He is an enigma. Mysterious, elusive, slightly absent-minded, this genius has traveled the world...and traveled through time to conspire, invent and explore with brilliant minds from history, like Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Lindberg, and other familiar intellects.  Visit the Imagination Workshop.

Visit Photos by Christopher

Inland Empire Family
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The latest local news.

Santa Rosa Plateau 

Hotels & Motels  of Temecula Valley

Old Town Temecula Community Thearter
42051 Main Street, Temecula, CA 92590
1-866-OLD-TOWN (866-653-8696)

Bringing together local moms via the web to create internet pen-pal friendships.

Special Connections
We welcome parents of children with any special needs, 
as we can all learn from each other!

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