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Diamond Valley Lake

Eastside Reservoir Project

These photos were taken from the public Lookout Point located off of Winchester Rd. Hwy 79 at Newport Rd. The view is the west end of the lake construction, the west dam and the water holding reservoir which is fed from the San Diego Channel (aqueduct). From there the water will be pumped into the lake (photo #16 bottom right).

About the Lake

pumping station near the west dam Walking path looking back over dry lake construction walkway to viewpoint west dam construction  8-10-98
viewpoint and a compass rose water pumps into the lake from this holding pond (big swimming pool) Kristina in front of completed west dam construction
Late evening view of the fore bay This guy hits a golf ball a good 1/4 mile over the lake!
Main Pumping Tower in Background Felicia, Sarah, Lizzy, Rachel Just a nice picture of early construction Looking over the west dam of a 3/4 filled lake

The photos below were taken at the Visitor Center Museum located on Newport Rd at the east end of the reservoir near State St. and the Domenigoni Hwy .

Click on Pictures to Retrieve Originals (about 50k each)

mastodon skull mastodon skull ancient pottery ancient grinding stones
the orange paramid represents the dam, the white speck on top is a man! 12' inland feeder pipe

The fossils from the Diamond Valley Lake include partial skeletons of the two largest individuals of extinct American mastodon ever reported from the western United States.

Equipment Photos

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